Rent a Studio Space

1200 sq ft dance floor with full mirrors. $15/hour

Rent Private Studio Space

2400 sq ft dance floor with full mirrors. Guaranteed privacy. $30/hour


Coach & Teacher Contacts

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Drop in Classes and Events

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Rent the Theater



State of the art 

sound, lighting, projection

Seating & Staging

adaptable configuration for this theater or playhouse venue  

Seats 100+

Green room, showers, kitchenette, Tech Loft

Theater curtain, cyclorama, blackout curtains, partition walls, back drop 

Fly props and people!

Catering resources

Marketing support 

Indoor cast parking



All Packages include

  • $500 refundable deposit 
  • Seating/Staging 
  • Cleaning fee


  • $500: 1 day or 2 half days 
  • $800: 2 day
  • $1000: 3 day


  • Hire your own tech person
  • Or hire ours: base fee of $150, and rate of $35/hour 

Additional Services

  • House management 
  • Aerial rigging to fly people/props



  • Confirmation: to guarantee dates/times, contract must be signed at time of booking.
  • Cancellations within 7 days are charged 50% of the deposit. Cancellations within 72 hours are charged 100% of the deposit. 
  • $500 refundable damages deposit will be written in separate check upon booking

Rental Inquiry Form

Tell us what kind of space you are looking for

Definitions to help you choose the type of rental you are seeking:

* Systems: lighting board/LED washes/moving heads/spots, full sound, and projection 

* Shared Studio Space: 1200 sq ft sprung floor, not private

* Private Studio Space: 2400 sq ft sprung floor, privacy guaranteed

* Venue without Systems: 4820 sq ft of space, amenities, but no use of light/sound/projection

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West Side Studios & Theater

1200 Shakespeare Street Missoula, MT 59802

(406) 282-4005

FAQs, Testimonials, and more


 “A top notch venue for the performing arts. I often refer to the space as the prettiest in the U.S. Beyond the overall aesthetic, it’s flexible design allows for a variety of presentation options.  The rigging is sound and intuitive.”

"Affordable and has the flexibility to 'dream' instead of trouble-shoot. The lighting equipment allows for really exciting looks, and the space itself is so expansive, with an epic feel to it with the high ceilings."

"It's exciting to have the option for a mid-size venue for our productions. We're excited to move into the space and get audiences there. I hope the performance community gets inspired, since the arts scene needs a theater like this to survive and thrive."


How far are you from downtown?

- mere blocks from your favorite breweries and restaurants! 

What are your seating configurations?

- bleacher, chair or table seating in the round (surrounding the performers) or proscenium (audience in rows facing the performers). Accommodate 100 - 235 audience members. 30'x40'  for the audience and 30'x40' for the stage.

What do you mean by 'plug n play'?

- The theater converts within minutes to reflect your vision, and the lighting/sound board in intuitive and ready to enliven the space with a flip of a switch. We make it easy to host your own event!

What do you mean fly people or props?

- fully equipped and engineered with safety pulley lines, no need to bring in specialty equipment, or hire a rigging crew.

more Testimonials

“Working at West Side has been a joy. The space is flexible, the technical elements are magical, and the people are so generous. Thank you!”

“The West Side is a versatile venue because it allows us to present work in conventional and unconventional settings. It gives us the possibility to present our work from the proscenium perspective. It also gives us the option to set up the space in a intimate way.” 

"The staff was responsive to any requests we had about technical changes."

“West Side Theater is an incredible source of inspiration. It was a pleasure to work with the professional staff who helped the events go smoothly and with a certain style. I look forward to the next time we work together.”

Studio space for rent too!

$15/hour or $30/hour, depending on the level of venue privacy you require for your class, training session, workshop, playhouse, or seminar.

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Community partnerships

Arts & Above

Bare Bait Dance Company

Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre 

MASC Artisans

Dusty Tulip Productions

Sirens Dance Company

Alex Payne Productions